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Sunday, August 21, 2005

ZEBRA DOVES - 9. The family is still around

ZEBRA DOVES - 9. The family is still around

Well, I was mistaken. The saga is not over yet. The family of doves is still around. I have heard the cooing of the parent birds on and off but did not see them until last evening at around 7 pm. The entire family of both parents and two fledglings was around the scaffolding of my neighbour's house that is currently being renovated. Both parent birds are still caring for their offspring. The fledglings were still not able to fend for themselves, flapping their wings excitedly and scurrying around the parents to be fed. The orbital rings have still to be developed in the fledglings, although the pinkish touch in the central breast area is just beginning to be apparent. I wonder how many more days will they have to be dependent on their parents? Before they fly free!



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