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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker feeding

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker feeding

K.C. Tsang was out birding in early May 2006 when he had a chance encounter with a family of Orange-bellied Flowerpecker (Dicaeum trigonestigma):

“It is very seldom that one is able to get a family picture of the Orange-bellied Flowerpecker all in one morning. The male, which has a very brilliant orange belly, was found attacking the fruit of the Indian cherry tree (Muntingia calabura) (left). He uses the lower mandible to pierce the partially ripe fruit. He only takes the sweet juice of the fruit, unlike other bigger birds that take the fruit whole.

“After his turn is over, the female may also take on the same punctured fruit, or she may do her own harvesting of the fruit (below, left).

"The chicks I think must have been fed somehow as I have not been able to see the feeding action, and they seem quite contented just perching on the branch (below, right).

“The last bird I believe is a sub-adult male, as one can observe the changes in its feathers (below).”

Input and images by K.C. Tsang



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