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Monday, September 05, 2005

ZEBRA DOVES - 12. Twenty four days old and still...

ZEBRA DOVES - 12. Twenty four days old and still...

Guess what? Yesterday morning the doves made another return visit. A parent bird and two fledglings, now 24 days old. Late that morning there were repeated cooing by the parent bird (male?) who returned to the original nesting site. It remained there for some time, cooing and making "gurring" sound for some ten minutes, probably calling for its mate to inspect the nesting site. No luck. That evening all three birds returned to spent the night on a branch of a nearby tree, flying off early this morning.



At 10:41 pm, Blogger KF said...

YC: This is no surprise the offsprings return to the parent's roost. Each generation will do the same. I remembered clearly setting up a drinking fountain for the sunbirds to refresh themselves when no nectar was available. The parent birds brought their birdlings to drink at the red fountain (sugar & honey solution). All future generations came after that. They all know it's safe to come back. It being the same with butterflies. When the Common Rose found the A. tagala I planted along the fence, each successive progeny came too. Same, same with my Calotropis gigantea. I finally had to remove the cats thus breaking the cycle & they did'nt come back after that. I know it wont be long before another gravid butterfly will find my plant & the larvae with defoliate it completely. BOTAK! KF


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